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Ronnie DeVoe’s Wife Resurfaces After Birth Of Their Twins & Her Snap-Back Body Is Crazy!

ILOSM fam,’ we wanna first start this off by giving Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie DeVoe a belated congratulations on the birth of their twin babies! Why is our congratulations belated you ask? Because the actual born day of their newborns remains a mystery, but they did confirm that thankfully, their babies made their grand entrance into this world healthy and happy. *Scroll down for Shamari’s snap-back pics*

Their Past Pregnancy Updates & Announcements

Many New Edition/BBD fans recall when Ronnie (49) and his wife/Blaque singer, Shamari DeVoe (37), made their initial baby announcement back in February 2017. Fans were excited for the first time parents. Then the DeVoe’s hit us with bigger news in May, when they revealed that they were expecting not one, but TWO mini-me’s.

By June, came what Shamari called the “the best Gender Reveal Announcement Ever!” That happened when Ronnie announced, to both Shamari and the world, what gender their babies were gonna be, during a BET New Edition performance. They performed on stage in front of backdrop that was lit up in the color blue and Ronnie shouted into the mic, “Shamari rub your belly for those two boys for me baby!” Check that out below…

Ronnie Surprises Shamari With His Baby Gender Reveal…

At that time, they hadn’t announced how far along they were in their pregnancy, but based on the photos they shared, it was pretty evident that Shamari was pretty far along in her pregnancy.

As months went by, Shamari was just as beautiful as ever and rocked her pregnant swag very well. She and Ronnie did several photo shoots to capture those precious moments for their babies to eventually see. Their fans were also enjoying the pregnancy updates that Ronnie and Shamari would regularly post on social media.

The updates suddenly came to a screeching halt after July 10th though, which was the last pregnancy photoshoot they shared online, with this caption: shamaridevoe: Giving life is the essence of creation; where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body is a miracle of wisdom

Their Mysterious Silence

The DeVoe’s then went uncharacteristically radio silent on social media and fans started wondering if the babies and Shamari were okay. By July 30th, Ronnie only posted a photo of a baby’s hand, holding an adult’s finger, along with a bible verse. All the while, fans were leaving comments asking if everything there was any trouble of any kind with the babies or Shamari. They still never got a reply from Ronnie, nor Shamari.

Ronnie Confirmed Birth Of Their Twins

However, about a month later, Ronnie finally resurfaced on social media and eventually confirmed that he was officially a daddy to their twin babies. He didn’t show any photos, nor give the names of their baby boys, other than referring to them as “@DeVoeTwins”…but fans were super excited just to see all of them happy.

Shamari DeVoe’s Quick Snap-back Body

Fast forward to now and Shamari has finally reappeared at N.E.’s Ricky Bell’s 50th birthday celebration and surprised their fans with her snap-back body. It all went down on September 27th. Here are a few of the photos:

Post baby snap-back: Ronnie and Shamari on September 27, 2017, weeks after the birth of their twin sons

If our guest-imations are correct, The DeVoe’s had their boys some time between July 10th and July 30th. That would mean that by the time Shamari attended Ricky’s b-day party, lookin’ like her throwback pre-baby self, at best case scenario (if she gave birth on July 10th), she was only 11 weeks post baby birth. At worst case scenario (if she delivered on July 30th) she was just 8 weeks post baby birth, when she cheesed it up for the cameras at the Sept. 27th b-day shindig.

Daaaaamn Shamari! Either her workout regimen is intense, or she’s got some MEAN bounce-back genes…or maybe it’s a little bit of both. Whatever it is, props to Shamari DeVoe, because she looks great and most importantly, we’re very happy that Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie DeVoe’s baby boys are healthy.

We still don’t have pics of the twins, but check out more pics of the New Edition fellas and their lovely wives and friends turning up at Ricky’s party below (be sure to swipe the Instagram photos)…


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